Are Acne Treatments Covered By My Insurance?

Acne can be very distressing for many people, not just teenagers. It seems to pop out of nowhere at the most inconvenient times, like just before your first date or even on your wedding day! You want to see a dermatologist but you aren’t sure if acne treatments are covered by your insurance. Read on to find out the answer you need to the question, “Are Acne Treatments Covered By My Insurance?”

Why Do I Have Acne? Can An Acne Specialist In Ellicott City, MD Help Me?

Acne is caused by excess oil production on your skin getting mixed with dead skin cells, clogging your pores and leading to pimples and cysts. If not treated properly, acne scars can form.

An acne specialist in Ellicott City, like Danielle LeClair, dermatology NP, has undergone specialized training in acne diagnosis and treatment management. She can help you understand where your acne is coming from and customize an acne treatment plan that is best for you.

Are Acne Treatments Covered By My Insurance?

Acne treatments can be covered by your insurance when they are deemed medically necessary. Moderate to severe acne that needs treatment with antibiotics, retinoids, or even Accutane is generally covered by insurance.

It is recommended that you contact your insurance company before your acne visit to see what acne treatments are covered by your specific insurance plan. If you are seeking a specific acne treatment, ask your insurance company first if that acne treatment is covered.

What If My Insurance Doesn’t Cover My Prescription?

Dermatologists try to work with you and your insurance company to get you the prescription acne treatment you need. If you get to the pharmacy and you realize that your acne medication isn’t covered by your insurance, simply give us a call and we will find an affordable alternative.

So Where Can I Get Acne Treatments In Ellicott City, MD?

We understand that acne can be embarrassing, and we want to help. Danielle LeClair, dermatology NP at Clear Skin For You, is ready to help you get the answers you need. For acne treatments and the answer to your question, “Are acne treatments covered by my insurance?” give us a call at 410-870-8225 to schedule a consultation in our Ellicott City office.

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