Is Mole Removal Covered By My Insurance?

People consider mole removal for many reasons. You may have thought about removing that unsightly mole on your face for years or you are concerned your bleeding mole is cancerous. Whatever the reason, one question maybe coming to mind when considering having a mole removal procedure: is mole removal covered by my insurance?

Is Mole Removal Covered By My Insurance?

Mole removals are typically covered by insurance if there is a medical need for the mole removal. If your dermatologist suspects that your mole is atypical or cancerous, then it will be removed and sent off for testing to determine if further treatment is necessary.

Other moles may be removed because they rub against clothing or jewelry becoming irritated and causing them to bleed. It is always a good idea to check with your insurance company before having your mole removal procedure to determine if it will be covered by your specific health plan.

How Much Does Mole Removal Cost?

Mole removal cost can vary and is dependent on the size of the mole, location on the body, and the method used to perform the mole removal.

If you just want to remove an unsightly mole for cosmetic reasons, that’s ok. While the mole removal procedure may not be covered by your insurance because it is deemed cosmetic, we can still perform the mole removal procedure for a nominal fee. Once the mole is evaluated, the mole removal specialist will give you a quote before the procedure is conducted.

What Mole Removal Procedures Does Danielle LeClair NP Perform?

There are several mole removal methods available:

Burning where the mole removal specialist uses electrocautery to burn off the noncancerous mole

Freezing where the mole removal specialist uses liquid nitrogen to freeze a noncancerous mole

Shave removal where the mole removal specialist uses a surgical blade to shave the mole leaving a small wound to heal on its own

Surgical excision where the mole removal specialist cuts out the entire mole and stitches the skin together

Will a dermatologist removal mole on the first visit?

A mole removal procedure may be performed on your first dermatology visit. Concerning moles are typically removed as soon as possible. If multiple moles require removal, then additional office visits may be necessary.

Is It Worth Removing A Mole?

Removing a mole that is believed to be cancerous brings so much peace of mind. Is it worth removing those moles? Absolutely! But even if you have a mole that your dermatologist says is benign and you still want it removed because it’s embarrassing or uncomfortable, that is worth the nominal cost of mole removal as well.

Safe and effective mole removal in Ellicott City MD is available at Clear Skin For You. Danielle LeClair NP has years of expertise in mole removals. Please don’t hesitate to contact our office at 410-870-8225 to help you answer your question, “Is mole removal covered by my insurance?”

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