Skin Allergy Specialist in Ellicott City Says Do This If You Have Skin Allergies

Have you had a skin rash on your face for several days or weeks and are wondering if you need a steroid cream and an allergy test? At the core of dermatology is knowing the presentation and treatment of various skin rashes, including skin allergies. If you believe you are suffering from an allergic reaction rash, our skin allergy specialist, DANIELLE LECLAIR, NP, says it’s time to schedule a dermatology appointment with us at Clear Skin For You.

What Is A Skin Allergy?

A skin allergy, or dermatitis, is an overreaction of your immune system after an exposure to a substance on your skin. Common substances that cause allergic skin reactions, called allergens, include:


Latex or rubber

Plants (Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, Poison Sumac)

Cleaning products


Cosmetic products

What Does An Allergic Skin Reaction Look Like?

Allergic skin reactions can present as:

Red or splotchy rash

Dry flaky skin

Itchy skin

Who Gets Skin Allergies?

Some people are born with skin allergies where others develop them later in life after repeated exposure to an allergen. In any case, it can be a challenge determining which allergens are causing the skin allergy reaction.

When To See A Skin Allergy Specialist in Ellicott City

If you have a skin rash that persists for several days or weeks after exposure to an allergen, a skin allergy specialist can help. A skin allergy specialist will diagnose and treat skin allergy reactions such as allergic contact dermatitis or atopic dermatitis, both of which may have root causes from an allergy.

How Is A Skin Allergy Test Performed?

If you are diagnosed with allergic contact dermatitis or atopic dermatitis then an allergy test called a patch test may be scheduled for you. A skin allergy specialist may perform a skin patch test to determine that cause of your skin allergic reaction. The patches are applied to your back where you will keep them on for 48 hours. The patches are removed by our skin allergy specialist and markings are placed on your back. After another 48 hours the test can be read and your skin allergies are determined. Once the allergy test is complete, skin allergy specialists can help you find products that are less likely to cause an allergic reaction on your skin.

If you are suffering from a skin allergy, or have any concerns about your skin, we are happy to see you for a dermatology appointment in our Ellicott City office. We offer patch testing to our patients suffering from skin allergies. Give us a call at 410-870-8225.

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