Skin Cancer Specialist in Ellicott City

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States. Not knowing whether you have skin cancer can be very scary. Both patients and licensed healthcare providers can play important roles in skin cancer detection. Here are some symptoms that you should look for to determine when you need to see a skin cancer specialist in Ellicott City.

A Change On The Skin

Any change on the skin should be evaluated by a skin cancer specialist. This includes a change in the size, shape, or color of a mole, bump or nodule. In addition, new scaliness, pain, or bleeding from a mole or lesion is a cause for concern as well and should be evaluated for skin cancer. Moles that just won’t heal should not be overlooked as well.

A New Growth

Any new growths on the skin can be a sign of skin cancer, especially if it is rapidly growing or changing. When you notice a new mole, be sure to mention it to your skin cancer specialist to make sure the mole isn’t cancerous.

Moles That Don’t Look Like Other Moles

If you have moles that do not look like other moles on your skin, it is time to get those checked out by a skin cancer specialist. Moles that spread pigment outside of the edge of a mole or lesion may be a sign of skin cancer. Also, moles that don’t mirror the other half of a mole or are varied in colors from red, pink, brown, or black should be checked out.

Danielle LeClair is a skin cancer specialist in Ellicott City. She is a board-certified nurse practitioner and has been providing the best dermatology care since 2006. If you are concerned about skin cancer, please contact us today at 410-870-8225 to schedule an appointment.

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