What Exactly Is Telehealth Dermatology And How Can It Help Me?

Does this sound familiar? You wake up with a rash or acne breakout and think, “Ugh, I have three important meetings at work today, the kids have soccer tonight, and Mom asked me to help her with Dad’s appointments later this week. I don’t have time to get to the dermatologist. Even if I did I couldn’t get in for weeks anyway.”

You may have heard of telehealth dermatology especially since the COVID-19 pandemic. Telehealth has allowed patients and dermatology health providers to communicate and exchange medical information using technology via your device from the comfort and safety of your home.

Telehealth dermatology is among the more popular applications of telehealth because skin conditions, such as acne, rosacea, rashes, moles, hair loss, even anti-aging, are visual in nature. With advances in high resolution cameras and wide spread use of video technology, dermatology providers are able to meet with you face to face, mimicking a regular office visit without the hassle of driving to a dermatologist’s office, waiting in the office, rushing to fill out paperwork, etc. This makes the process of seeing a healthcare provider efficient and effective.

What are the benefits of choosing telehealth dermatology with us?

Same day or next day appointments giving you peace of mind quickly.

No complicated technology-just download the app and start seeing a provider.

Custom-tailored prescription-grade medications delivered right to your home.

Schedule an appointment with us today at 410-870-8225 with Danielle LeClair, NP to see the difference.

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