Where Can I Get The Best Skin Cancer Screening in Ellicott City MD?

A thorough skin cancer screening with a dermatology expert is one of the best ways to catch the earliest warning signs of skin cancer. If you’ve ever wondered what happens at a skin cancer screening, read on. We will take you through everything you need to know about skin cancer screenings and where you can find the best skin cancer screening in Ellicott City MD.

What Is A Skin Cancer Screening?

A skin cancer screening is a full body skin exam where a dermatologist will visually inspect your skin for any unusual moles, birthmarks, freckles or lesions on your skin. The dermatologist will ask you about any bleeding, scabbing, or changing moles that you have noticed during your own monthly self skin exam and examine those spots in great depth.

What Can I Expect During A Skin Cancer Screening?

You will be asked to get undressed down to your underwear and put on a medical exam gown. While this may sound embarrassing, it is necessary to for a complete and thorough skin cancer screening. The dermatologist will examine all parts of your skin from head to toe, making sure to check through your scalp, behind your ears, your back, and the bottom of your feet and in between your toes. It is helpful to have nail polish removed for skin cancer screenings because the dermatologist will want to inspect your nails. Skin cancer has occurred under nails!

Who Should Get A Skin Cancer Screening?

The people who are most at risk for skin cancer are the ones that need to get regular full body skin examinations. This includes individuals who have:

  • had a personal history of abnormal moles, precancerous lesions or skin cancer, including melanoma skin cancer
  • had a family history of abnormal moles, precancerous lesions or skin cancer, including melanoma skin cancer
  • are fair-skinned, especially if you have blond or red hair
  • have light eye color
  • had excessive sun exposure, especially early in life
  • history of tanning bed use
  • history of blistering sunburns
  • lived in sunny or high-altitude climates
  • had a lot of exposure to radiation
  • weakened immune systems

How Often Should You Get A Skin Cancer Screening?

How often you get a skin cancer screening depends greatly on your age and risk factors. After your skin cancer screening is complete, your dermatologist will let you know how often you need to come into the dermatology office.

Where Can I Find Skin Cancer Screenings Near Me?

If you have been looking for a comprehensive skin cancer screening in Ellicott City MD, look no further. Danielle LeClair NP at Clear Skin For You has the knowledge and expertise on moles and skin cancer. Give us a call today at 410-870-8225 to schedule your skin cancer screening today.

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